Ford Maverick Gains Fans and Sales Doubled Alongside Production Growth

Jay Whitehurst's Maverick

Jay Whitehurst, a long-time driver who has never owned either a truck or a Ford, found himself in need of a more capable vehicle after moving to a hay farm in rural Mississippi. That’s when someone recommended the Ford Maverick, which caught his attention. Thanks to expanded production capacity in late 2023, customers like Whitehurst received their Maverick trucks faster. This boost helped increase U.S. sales to 12,443 in January, nearly double compared to the same month a year ago, even surpassing the larger Toyota Tacoma.

I didn’t want a big truck. When the Maverick came out, I salivated. I test drove a 2022 model year and walked away thinking, ‘Yeah, I think this is the truck for me.’

Jay Whitehurst
Jay Whitehurst With Maverick

Timothy Bruggeman, from Shawnee, Kansas, got his Ford Maverick Hybrid last year, making it his second Maverick. While working in Brazil as a power-plant engineer in 2022, he explored smaller pickups and test-drove a Maverick. Upon returning to the states, he found a Maverick XLT at his local dealership to use until his hybrid model was ready. Bruggeman uses his truck for various tasks, from runs to the hardware store for lumber or mulch to carrying his clay target equipment for shooting practice. He even used it as a place to relax during the world’s longest baseball game last Labor Day by putting a blow-up mattress in the bed.

It’s got the truck functionality I need but drives like a car.

Timothy Bruggeman
Brian Foster With Maverick

Brian Foster, from Irvine, California, already owned a 2023 Maverick XLT, which he upgraded with a midrise shell, seat covers, and an aftermarket stereo system. He ordered a 2024 Maverick XL Hybrid for his son, who fell in love with the Maverick after borrowing his dad’s for four months. Although production for his son’s truck is pending, Foster and his son flew to Long McArthur Ford in Salina, Kansas, to pick up a truck in stock and drove it 1,400 miles back to California. Foster plans to pass the 2024 Maverick XL Hybrid to his daughter once it’s ready.

Foster shared his confidence in hybrid vehicles, referring to Ford’s history with hybrid technology, which goes as far back as 2005 with the world’s first hybrid SUV.

My parents owned hybrid Ford vehicles since they were first introduced. I think the hybrid drivetrain that's been well proven paired with a truck is brilliant.

Brian Foster
Timothy Bruggeman's Maverick
Source: Ford Media